Happy Halloween from Explore East!

Happy Halloween from us at Explore East!

Here are a few shots from our adventures in Nova Scotia that we thought were spooky enough to make a list to share with you this Halloween!


St. John’s Anglican Church

Planted right in the middle of Lunenburg, St John’s Anglican Church was built in 1753. It remained the same until 1840 when it was redesigned with a more gothic look. It suffered from a major fire on Halloween night of 2001 and took four years to restore. It is also the second Anglican Church to be built in Nova Scotia, next to St Pauls Anglican Church in Halifax.

The Five Fishermen Restaurant

The Five Fishermen Restaurant is located on Argyle Street in Halifax. Not only is this place beautiful, it has an incredible history.

Originally built in 1817, it was first used as a schoolhouse, the first school in Canada to offer free education. It was later bought by Anna Leonowens, who wanted to bring an Art School to the city, thus becoming the Halifax Victorian School of Art. Eventually the school moved to a new location and is known as NSCAD today.

After that the building was taken over by the Snow Family, who turned it into a mortuary known as “John Snow & Co. Funeral Home.” It played a significant role in both the Halifax Explosion and the sinking of the Titanic, as its where the victims bodies were kept. It is said the building is haunted and many people have had eerie encounters over the years.

If you’re in Halifax drop by the restaurant for some fantastic seafood and let us know if you see any ghosts! ๐Ÿ‘ป

Fort Oxford

Fort Oxford located in Alder Point, Cape Breton. From 1944-1953 the Fort was a long-range counter-bombardment coastal gun Battery. Originally to be built at Oxford Point, it was moved before construction even began to its current, more defensible location. From the roof you’ll get a stunning 180ยฐ view of St. Ann’s Bay and the highlands to the North-West, through the Cabot Strait and North Sydney Harbour.

McNabs Island

McNabs Island is located on the eastern side of the entrance way to Halifax Harbour. It’s only a short boat ride from Halifax but it feels like you’re worlds away from the city life. You can feel the history of this place as you explore the old ruins and the unspoiled natural beauty of the island.

Shannon Park

Shannon Park is a former military community on the eastern shore of Halifax Harbour. 13 years ago the last military family moved out, leaving it totally abandoned ever since and scheduled to be demolished in the near future.
The community is quite large for being abandoned which makes it even more creepy as all you can here are distant echoes from the traffic on the highway.

The Lunenburg Academy

The Lunenburg Academy is incredible to look at. Sitting on top of “Gallows Hill” it’s frame structure is made entirely of wood and is three stories high with a mansard roof. The architecture is unreal and is visible for miles around. Behind the Academy you’ll find an eerie yet beautiful graveyard. When you’re exploring here it almost feels like you’re in a Hollywood movie as its so surreal.

RCAF Beaverbank

RCAF Beaverbank was a Cold War era radar base, before being converted into a concrete factory, and then abandoned.
Now the land it sits on is under private ownership, and sits in solitude. the whole area seems like a perfect set for a horror movie.

Windsor Wear Textile Plant

The Windsor Textile Plant has been around for over 130 years making it such a rad place to explore.
The building sits along side the highway and is completely empty except for a few pigeons.

We hope you enjoyed our list and have a terrific Halloween from Explore East!


Words and photos by Nicole Boutilier & Colby Veinotte


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  1. Interesting history on the Five Fisherman restaurant!


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